Teaching Contribution Award

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Nominations of instructors for an award are to be made by groups of at least five students prior to February 15th. Nominating students must complete the nomination form and attach a letter from the nominating group summarizing the significance of the nominee’s contributions according to the criteria listed below. (Note that nominees are not expected to meet all of the criteria.)


All participants will be rewarded a gift for their participation in the event.


Along with gifts & rewards, we’ll award some scholarships as well.


We make sure that everyone is honored in a right and appropriate way.


Everyone takes part in our event is promised to receive a great send-off.

Nominees are encouraged to access resource materials available through our online voting web. The Awards Committee makes the initial recommendation to the full Senate Teaching and Learning Committee which then makes a recommendation for up to 6 awards.

Recipients of the Contribution to Teaching Award will be publicly recognized at the Senate, and will receive a monetary award of $500.00 each. These awards can be given to different people at the same time and one person can received it several times.

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