About STEM Academy at AUPE

The Academy of Urban Planning and Engineering in Brooklyn is a leading STEM high school. It offers a unique STEM program for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Hands-on experiences like design, robotics, environmental studies, computer engineering, and technology science are available. Academic advisors provide guidance and mentorship to prepare students for their future after graduation.

The AUPE STEM courses promote teamwork and collaboration among diverse students to solve complex problems. They also develop leadership skills and provide a well-structured curriculum that enhances academic prowess and prepares students for real-world challenges. The AUPE STEM Academy aims to equip students with skills and knowledge for success in engineering and technology-related fields.

The STEM Academy program offers students the chance to take AP and college credit courses like Computer Science Principles, Biology, Nutrition, and more. Successful students often attend esteemed technical colleges in the SUNY and CUNY systems. Students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can receive an excellent STEM education without having to take the New York City Specialized High Schools admission test (SHSAT). The Academy of Urban Planning and Engineering welcomes all Brooklyn and Queens students who are enthusiastic about these subjects.


The sciences concentration offered by AUPE’s STEM Academy offers students the chance to gain advanced foundational knowledge and skills that will prepare them for more challenging science coursework after high school. Students will engage in hands-on laboratory projects and lectures that aim to deepen their understanding of how the knowledge they acquire is applied in real-world scenarios. The sciences concentration opens a wide range of potential careers, including physician, biologist, botanist, physicist, chemist, and chemical engineer, among others. To ensure their progress, seniors will be assigned a faculty champion who will monitor and guide them throughout their journey in the STEM Academy.

Hydroponics Classes at AUPE STEM
Computer Engineering Classes at AUPE STEM


The computer science program at AUPE’s STEM Academy is tailored for students who have a strong interest in the field of technology and programming. This comprehensive curriculum provides Brooklyn and Queens students with a solid grounding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science and computer engineering. AUPE has also partnered with Computer Science for All (CS4All) to offer students the opportunity to participate in the Computer Science Pathfinders Internship, a six-month program that provides students with their first taste of real-world work experience, and a generous stipend. Graduates of AUPE STEM Academy will be well-equipped to pursue rewarding careers in high-tech fields such as software engineering, systems analysis, technical writing, web development, and research.


The engineering track offered by AUPE’s STEM Academy is catered to students who have a keen interest in various facets of engineering design. Participants will gain a solid understanding of fundamental engineering principles, as well as develop skills in mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, and programming. Students are encouraged to join the STEM Club and/or Robotics Team starting from 9th grade to further enhance their involvement in the field. To ensure their progress, seniors will be assigned a dedicated faculty mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout their journey in the STEM Academy.

Robotics and Engineering Classes at AUPE STEM
Advanced Math Classes at AUPE STEM


The Math curriculum at AUPE STEM Academy is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a technology-driven society. The program offers a range of courses, including pre-calculus, statistics, algebra, and computer science, providing a fast-paced academic environment. This concentration is ideal for students with a strong background in mathematics, fostering their intellectual growth and problem-solving abilities. Graduates of the Math program are well-prepared for various careers, including Mathematics & Statistics, Accounting, Auditors, Financial Specialists, Information Systems, and Chemical Engineering, where strong mathematical skills are highly valued.



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