American Political and Social History I

AHIS 100

Survey of American history from early times to the Civil War, with emphasis on the development of political, constitutional, economic, social, and cultural institutions.

American Political and Social History II

AHIS 101

Survey of American history from the Civil War to the present, with emphasis on the development of political, constitutional, economic, social, and cultural institutions.

English Literature

AENG 121

Introduction to reading literature, with emphasis on developing critical skills and reading strategies through the study of a variety of genres, themes, historical periods, and national literatures. Recommended for first and second year non-English majors.


ABIO 117

The biological roles of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals; digestion, absorption, and storage of nutrients, the chemical nature of foods ; assessment of nutritional status; interactions of nutrients and disease; food supplementation and community nutrition. Does not yield credit toward the major in biology.

Intro to Public Health

HSPH 201

A general introduction to what public health is, its importance for everybody’s health, and how it functions as a combination of science and politics. The role of the public health system will be illustrated by describing issues confronting New York State and what is being done about them.

General Biological Studies

ABIO 102

Introduction to the major concepts in biology and a survey of the common structures of organisms, including humans, and their functions at the molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels. Emphasis placed on principles of ecology, inheritance, evolution and physiology relevant to human society.

The Past as Present: The World Since 1900

AHIS 158

A survey of global history in the modern era, this course traces political, economic, social, and cultural developments that have shaped the world we live in today. Students will become familiar with people, events, and ideas in societies across an increasingly interconnected globe, coming to understand the challenges of the present and future as products of human choice and action in the recent past. Only one version may be taken for credit.

Introduction to Psychology

APSY 101

The basic methods and points of view in the scientific study of human behavior. Topics include biological bases of behavior, personality organization, intelligence, motivation, emotions, learning, and social relations. For psychology majors completing their major requirements as outlined in this bulletin or subsequent editions, A PSY 101 is restricted to A-E grading after matriculation. A PSY 101 must be completed with a C- or better for the major in Psychology.