Linguistic Material Composition

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There are three biggest difficulties encountered during the prewriting and drafting stages of linguistic documents and luckily, we have computer’s aids to deal with each difficulty. Composers experience problems in planning ideas and translating ideas into text because of attentional overload, inability to generate useful ideas.


All participants will be rewarded with a prize that they deserve.


Along with gifts & rewards, we’ll award some scholarships as well.


We make sure that everyone is honored in a right and appropriate way.


Everyone takes part in our event is promised to receive a great commission.

We’d like to raise some fund for helping document composers with financial aids so that they could have the best tools and referential documents in hand. This source of funds could come as a wonderful way to keep them motivated and make them feel the support from people around.

It’s not easy to write anything, even a piece of writing cannot be finished in a short time. Your donations would act as a great source of support, not only financially but also emotionally for them. Whether knowledge is expensive or not, it all depends on our choice.

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