• AUPE is a small high school geared to building strong communities of learners.  AUPE students are exposed early to college access and college readiness.  
  • Our 9th graders attend a 3-day SUNY College tour and are provided with academic support services social and emotional learning in their after school mentoring programs; and tutoring in ELT  on Saturdays.  
  • We believe all AUPE students are urban planners who can design their future with the support of the AUPE community.
  • We offer a regent’s exam track, an AP track and an engineering track in coding, building MICRO COMPUTERS for our hydroponics lab and design. 
  • We believe in co-teaching and provide teachers time to co-plan and co-teach core classes. 
  • We believe all students with special needs receive all the support they are entitled  to and deserve.  
  • All English Language Learners receive additional support in mastering the English language.
  • We believe in social emotional learning and provide students with counseling services and mentoring programs.  Our restorative circles provides a space for students to connect with each other and adults in the school community.  We believe in the whole child and conduct family outreach once a week.
  • AUPE has an 87.5% graduation rate and an 91% attendance rate.  
  • AUPE
    e are partnered with various organizations that support our growing population and provide students with work-based learning internships and jobs during the year and summer.
  • Our Theatre Arts, African Drumming and Visual Arts program have produced Musicals, Musical Performances and Beautiful Murals at our school.

Bridge Program

School tours

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

AUPE invites all prospective students and their families to attend our open houses and informational sessions on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, and during our Open School nights.  

Room 609 Hydroponic Lab

Room 609 Hydroponic Lab

History of Hydrponic Lab

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams unveiled “Growing Brooklyn’s Future,” an initiative with over $2 million in initial investment from his Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) to create hydroponic classrooms to a dozen schools across Brooklyn. He made this announcement inside a classroom at the Academy of Urban Planning, a high school located at the Bushwick Campus, which was transformed into a Green Learning Space through a partnership with New York Sun Works, a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. 

Student Testimonials

"What I love most about AUPE is that we are like one big family.  We look out for each other.  AUPE staff ensures that kids receive support and succeed no matter the struggles he or she are facing.  Parents should send their children here because they would be welcomed with open arms and treated with the upmost respect." -Mylaysha C., Class of 2019

"Parents should send their children to AUPE because we are one big family. We build a strong relationship and trust with our teachers.  AUPE teachers push us to do better even when we are not."-Samairy P., Class of 2019

"The thing I love the most about AUPE is the teachers and the different opportunities I get while in school. Parents should send their child to this school because these teachers really care."- Rochellie Diaz, Class of 2020

"AUPE has some of the best staff members ever created. It has been called the best by others who don't even attend."-Tyvoinne Lee Class of 2017

"AUPE offered me the opportunities to explore beyond my usual high school curriculum. I was able to develop the necessary skills needed to help me transition to college and beyond. I could not have done this by myself; it truly took the hard work and dedication of my teachers and mentors to help me become the person I am today. My favorite part of my high school experience was going on neighborhood walks and trips to Newtown Creek for Urban Ecology."-Andrea Basilio City College of New York -2015